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Pukekohe Soup Kitchen Kayes Road Pukekohe

  • Message Hi there, I am sourcing Local Community Services bridging together Support Programmes for any who walk through the door re: Soup Kitchen, there is a reason why they are walking through that door and our Vision is that it is creating a Safe Environment for Conversations stating the needs of Community as to reduce Crime, Poverty, Child Abuse, and so on. It takes a Community (Responsible Adults) to raise our Children in a Safe Environment which is why we've created this Voluntary Opportunity. My effort in emailing you is that we are looking for the Support of Our Community to help us reduce crisis in homes, and we are asking for any contributions to carry us through our first Winter Soup Kitchen with Nutritious Vegetables to put into homes, creating take away Vegetable Bags for Soups, or Vegetables to go into our Monday Night Soups. I also where I can, make Carrot Juice whenever we are given carrots, replacing Sugary Juices, and also I've replaced typical Lolly Jars with Peanuts and Raisons. We are not here to dummy feed people for luxury, we are here to provide a warm meal, and create an Atmosphere of Support Information linking to Programs and Opportunities in the Community. It was the Kindness of Teachers who rescued myself although at a late age 18 from the years of Child Abuse I suffered, I joined the Navy because of their Kind Acts sponsoring me to the Spirit of Adventure. I was able to flee my hostile home of violence. Now I am contributing in ways I can by reaching out to the kindness of hearts, even in the littlest ways can make the biggest impacts for children and their futures. I am happy to show that we are legit if you have an email address or would like to come and check us out on the 22nd May 6pm - 60 Kayes Road Pukekohe North Te Puna Centre. We have had the MP also visit us. Hope to hear from you soon. Angel Montier 02108704966

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Pukekohe Soup Kitchen -

15 May 2017

hello im looking for onions..potatoes garlic and ginger..can u let me know the for each bags of the staff i mention above the price for 10kg or 20 kg because i want to order lots of it..pls let me know asap.. thanks

20 Feb 2017

Dear Sir / Madam Could you please provide as with contact details of Cabbage Growers around Pukekohe. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. thank you hardy Thank you

18 Feb 2017

We roughly need 60 cabbages per week, we normally purchase twice per week and 30 cabbages per time. Can you please follow up see if they can do delivery twice per week? And what price is? Regards Joy​

18 Feb 2017

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